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United Tier 1 Hockey League Showcase Rules  

● Coaches must confirm the roster with the scorekeeper prior to the start
of the game using the IPAD. It is critical that you enter the starting
goalie, remove any players not playing and sign as the coach
Game Play 
● 3 minute warm up - Teams Must Provide Their Own Pucks
● 2-25 minute periods  
● Sudden Death Shootout (1 for 1)
● 2/5/10 minute penalties  
● 1 30 second Timeout each team 
● Teams must be ready to start game 20 minutes early 
● Tag up off-side will be allowed
● Teams are allowed to ice on PK  
● Everything else will be USA Hockey Rules
● Home Team Light jersey & Away Team Dark jersey
● In the event of 5 or more goal differential there will still be an ice cut
unless agreed upon by both coaches. The clock will only run during the
2nd half and return to stop time when the score gets back to 3 goals or
League Point System:
● 3 points for a regulation win  
● 2 points for a Shootout win  
● 1 point for a Shootout loss  
● 0 points for a regulation loss

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